Tinder: the dating application is now available on computer

The famous Tinder dating app (web version) was only available on smartphone but, since Tuesday, singles can meet their soul mate on their computer.

Here’s a news that will delight singles registered on the Tinder PC. Since Tuesday 28, the dating application is accessible on computer (on Mac and PC) … but in some countries: Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Indonesia, Italy, Mexico, Philippines and Sweden. Do not panic for French users, the Hexagon should follow soon. It is now possible to “like” (like) profiles automatically, no need to “swipe”.

Another advantage is that users will also save time by typing their messages on their computer keyboard rather than on their smartphone. And a small revolution to look at the photos: there will be no more surprises since the photos of users will be larger.

To make this change, Tinder relied on a simple observation: as all the places on the planet are not rallied to the 4G, the fact of having a computer application will allow the solitary hearts to consult Tinder with the wifi anywhere (where it is available), even at the office.

The computer version will always need to connect to Facebook to use it, and the interface will always be the same. However, regarding geolocation, it will not be mandatory.

See below a short demonstration video showing users how to use the computer application:

Launched in 2014, the Tinder smartphone application is a worldwide success: 60 million active users. The principle is simple: a picture appears, if the user is interested in the person, he must scan the screen on the right. If not, he sweeps his finger to the left. If they both like each other, there is a match so both users can start talking to each other.

Tinder arrives on our computers with Tinder Online

swipe, swipe … That’s what Tinder is, the mobile application at least. Right, left, up or down, no matter the direction, the gesture is present and important. Only, Tinder will make some infidelities to mobiles and intends to disembark on your computers via Tinder Online.

From your smartphone to your computer

One of the most famous mobile applications of our smartphones will now reach your computers. According to The Verge, via Tinder Online, Tinder wants to make it accessible to users with limited storage capacity on their phones. To access Tinder Online, no need to download anything, Internet browsers are enough. The famous “Swipe”, whether done with your finger or something else, is then replaced by a drag n ‘drop made from the mouse. Right if you like, left if you pass.

For the moment, the service is not yet available in France. Tinder Online began uploading to Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Indonesia, Italy, Mexico, the Philippines and Sweden on March 28. The Facebook connection is still required to access your account and Tinder Online will use social network instant messaging to allow you to interact with your matches. To access the large screen version of Tinder, nothing more simple, just go to the official website and connect directly.