How to listen to radio on a smartphone or tablet?

Although today, as the media is aging as well as television, radio still has a good day ahead, and many people are still listening regularly to FM. Did you know that it is also possible to find your favorite stations on your smartphone and even your tablet? No ? Then follow the guide!

There are several ways to listen to the radio from its phone, which will fit your use and your terminal. So here are some ways to never miss your favorite show.

Built-in FM Tuner

Some manufacturers integrate natively an FM tuner into their smartphones, although it is becoming increasingly rare, eclipsed by a lack of other sensors and a search for finesse that reduces the number of components that can be embedded. While this functionality is no longer the headliner, it remains present at certain brands or on certain specific devices. One can quote the majority of the terminals of Huawei or Honor (and many Chinese apparatuses in general), but also the One M9 of HTC, for example.

Having the right receiver, these phones have easy access to the radio thanks to the dedicated application usually embarked. You will usually find it under the name “FM Radio” or “FM Tuner”, with some variations like “OnePlus Radio” on the OnePlus X. For this to work, the FM receiver is not enough, and you will also need a antenna. In the case of smartphones, it passes almost exclusively through the 3.5mm jack port, which means that it is your headset / headphones that play this role. Immediately forget the idea of ​​listening to the radio with a Bluetooth headset, you will need a wire to play the role of antenna. On the other hand, there is often an option to switch to the phone’s speaker.

This allows you to listen to music without exhausting your data plan, even if reception is not optimal (within FM reception).

Global applications

For all other devices, which do not have the correct FM receiver, you will need to go through a specialized application that will give you access to internet radio. This of course requires network coverage and a suitable package or WiFi connection, but this time you can use a wireless headset.

Of all the applications available, the most popular is certainly TuneIn Radio, available in free or paid version, the second being devoid of advertisements and allowing to record programs. Additional content is also available (NFL games, audiobooks …) provided you subscribe to the premium offer at 8.99 euros per month. The main advantage of this application on the standard FM tuner is that you do not need to be in an FM reception area to enjoy a particular station. TuneIn Radio gives you access to 100,000 stations worldwide.


As with dedicated applications, there is often an audio player to listen to a live radio from the station’s website. The main advantage of this solution is that it requires absolutely no application except an Internet browser, which can represent a serious saving of disk space for the most limited devices at this level.

These webradios can be listened to even when the phone screen is turned off. On the other hand, you are dependent on the site and its method of diffusion more or less greedy in data flow as well as ergonomics sometimes more than questionable. In other words, it is more a method of troubleshooting as a last resort.