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Top French Dating Sites and Applications: Which One to Choose?


We want a love for life or a flirtation of a night? We go around the sites and applications that will allow us to live the passion we want.



For who? If you want a relationship in the short or long term. Recently, the site allows polyamorous couples to seek a partner.

Good points: We are invited to make a complete profit and, above all, to answer several questions about our beliefs, our vision of the ideal partner, our way of life. An algorithm then deals with proposing potential candidates. You can search by selecting one or more criteria. For example, one can look for someone vegetarian.

Bottom: We are doing well with the free version, but you have to pay to have access to all the really interesting features. The site is in English only, although there are many French speaking users.

Site and application:
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Tinder: the dating application is now available on computer

The famous Tinder dating app (web version) was only available on smartphone but, since Tuesday, singles can meet their soul mate on their computer.

Here’s a news that will delight singles registered on the Tinder PC. Since Tuesday 28, the dating application is accessible on computer (on Mac and PC) … but in some countries: Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Indonesia, Italy, Mexico, Philippines and Sweden. Do not panic for French users, the Hexagon should follow soon. It is now possible to “like” (like) profiles automatically, no need to “swipe”.

Another advantage is that users will also save time by typing their messages on their computer keyboard rather than on their smartphone. And a small revolution to look at the photos: there will be no more surprises since the photos of users will be larger. Continue reading

The Best Dating Apps for Finding a Casual or Serious Relationship

Tired of the traditional dating sites where we spent hours completing a profile by filling countless lines of personal info. The dating game is now much more direct, more fun too, and apps like Tinder are now topping the charts in the app Stores. Whether funny, unusual, depressing or useless, we have grouped them in this ranking. No excuse if you are still single!

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Advertisement of the future: the analysis of emotions, a risk of manipulation?

Emotions are the key that will allow advertisers to tailor their messages as finely as possible. To analyze them, facial recognition and neuromarketing techniques are increasingly being used across the Atlantic. With the real risk of washing our brains…


To make their ads more effective, marketing specialists and advertisers have been trying for several years to decipher our emotions. Knowing whether you are happy, surprised, sad, confused, angry or worried when you look at a pub can rework it to correct its impact and strengthen its memorization. Thanks to cognitive neuroscience and the study of how our brains work, advertisers expect to address your emotional system in order to act on your purchases – which are in 80% of the irrational cases . Continue reading

Netflix and the future of cinema: everyone at home, in front of his TV?

By privileging its platform and producing its own films, Netflix worries the film industry. Will the SVOD service sign the end of the dark rooms? Is the cinema of the future likely to become individual, each remaining at home?


Will Netflix and Amazon “disrupt” the future of cinema? SVOD (Video on Demand with Subscription) is already booming, already shaking the television channels, and is preparing to do the same with the cinematographic production companies. In addition to competing with their own films, on-demand entertainment platforms disrupt the very concept of “media chronology” – to the point of worrying moviegoers: would it be the announced end of the dark rooms, to the benefit of a “consumption” alone, carried out alone in his room?

How to listen to radio on a smartphone or tablet?

Although today, as the media is aging as well as television, radio still has a good day ahead, and many people are still listening regularly to FM. Did you know that it is also possible to find your favorite stations on your smartphone and even your tablet? No ? Then follow the guide!

There are several ways to listen to the radio from its phone, which will fit your use and your terminal. So here are some ways to never miss your favorite show. Continue reading

The best Android radio applications

More and more users are enjoying listening to the radio from their smartphone, but more and more manufacturers are deciding to remove the FM tuner from their devices.

android apps


Can not listen to the radio? It was without counting on the Google Play Store, which offers you as usual a multitude of applications to improve your daily life or simply to distract you. We have selected several apps that allow you to listen to the radio. Continue reading